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Bitumen Mastic

The Chemical Resistant Bitumen Mastic that we offer is a general purpose anti-corrosive ready-mix bituminous coating. The offered mastic is used as a protective impervious membrane that is suitable for concrete, brick work, steel and other allied applications. It is a homogeneous mortar, which is a mixture of high-grade bitumen, mineral fillers and fine aggregates. The consistency of this Chemical Resistant Bitumen Mastic is such that it flows like highly viscose fluid at a temperature of about 200 degree.

Physical Property
Color Curing Speed Cured after Service Temperature Coating Thickness Adhesion
Black 3- 4 hours 2- 4 Days -30 C to 80 C For light Protection :- 5mm
For heavy protection: - 10 to 40 mm.
Concrete: Good
Timber : Good
Metal: Moderate

Products Details
Brand Name ChemTeck Engineers
Packaging Powder :- 50 kg in LDPE bags
Storage & Shelf Life Always keep powder in cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight, moisture etc. If stored in sealed container as above, shelf life of Powder: 12 Months
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