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Furan Mortar

We are foremost manufacturer of Furan Mortar. Furan Mortar is primarily bedding and jointing mortar for fixing acid-proof bricks and tiles. It is provided in two-component format, a Furan solution and a catalyzed mineral filler powder.


Furan Mortar is recommended as a jointing and bedding mortar in most applications where strong acid/alkali materials are present, in particular for general tiling / masonry work and for trenches, pits and storage areas.

Physical Property
Color Solution to powder ratio CS Kg/cm 2 Flexural strength Kg/cm 2 Bond Strength Kg/cm 2 Max.Temp. Setting Time Water Absorption
Black 1 : 3 350 75 10 170 C 18-24 Hours 1 %

Products Details
Brand Name ChemTeck Engineers
Packaging Solution :- 25 kg and 250 kg MS drums
Powder :- 25 kg in LDPE bags
Storage & Shelf Life Always keep solution and powder in cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight, moisture etc. If stored in sealed container as above, shelf life of solution: 6 Months Powder: 6 Months
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