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CNSL Mortar

CNSL resin mortar is a special kind of mortar that is used for lining of acid proof bricks and tiles. CSNL is an acronym that stands for “Cashew Nut Shell Liquid”. This mortar provides excellent adhesion on ceramic surfaces. It is also highly resistant to alkalis and acids and can easily withstand high temperatures of up to 170 degree Celsius. This resin mortar has a plastic nature.

Physical Property
Color Density Kg/m 3 Tensile Strength Flexural strength Kg/cm 2 Max. Temp. Setting Time Water Absorption
Black 1500 >5Kg/Cm 2 >20Kg/Cm 2 175 C < Minutes 1 %

Products Details
Brand Name ChemTeck Engineers
Packaging Solution :- 25 kg drums and 200 kg drums
Powder :- 25 kg in LDPE bags
Storage & Shelf Life Always keep solution and powder in cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight, moisture etc. If stored in sealed container as above, shelf life of solution: 6 Months Powder: 6 Months
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