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Rubber Lining

ChemTeck engineer’s Rubber Lining Services offer cost-effective and durable lining solutions in both Natural and Ebonite rubbers. Our specialized rubber linings are designed for equipment and products where corrosive and abrasive protection are of utmost importance. With our experience and expertise we can help you protect your pipes, tanks and other metal fabricated applications.

ChemTeck Engineer’s specialized rubber linings offer long lasting protection against various forms of attack, such as abrasive, corrosive and chemical attacks. We are able to offer both Steam Cured (Autoclaved) and chemically cured rubber lining installations. Our rubber linings are available with rubber hardness ranging 25 to 100 Shore A with thicknesses of 6mm to 12mm.

We are able to offer custom fabrication and rubber lining for various metal components:


Pipe fittings

Storage Tanks


Custom Fabricated Products

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